How a Bodum Water Kettle is Better Than a Coffee Maker

This article is about how a Bodum Water Kettle is better than a Coffee Maker. Well first of all I have 3 coffee makers and one Bodum Water Kettle.
I bought a Bodum water kettle from Target. I received it 3 days after ordering it from TheBestCoffeeMachineReviews.

I am going to tell you how I came across the Bodum water kettle. Me and my husband went to visit his family in Columbus Ohio. They also have a Bodum Water Kettle. They are so convenient rather than a coffee maker.

The Bodum Water Kettle is much more convenient than a coffee maker because with the Bodum, instead of making a whole pot of coffee like a coffee maker does, you just put water in the kettle and boil it and you never waste coffee.

Along with the Bodum water kettle, you also need the One Cup Coffee Brewer Set. Which is a cup that is a filter for your coffee. It allows you to make individual cups of coffee so you do not have to use a coffee pot to make a whole pot of coffee and wasting it because you do not drink a whole pot of coffee.

This kettle is so amazing and so convenient that it is worth the 50 bucks that you pay for it through Target. You can either make a cup of coffee or you can boil the water to make yourself a cup of tea.

All you do with this pot is make sure you have water in it before you turn it on to boil the water. That is it. No coffee filters no whole pots of coffee wasted because you didn’t drink the whole pot.

I found the Bodum to be so convenient in my kind of life style. My husband works all day long and i cannot drink a lot of coffee by myself, so we invested in the Bodum water kettle and we never waste coffee anymore.

If anybody is looking to save time and money and coffee, the Bodum is the thing for you. No hassle or anything. I was amazed how convenient the Bodum water kettle was when we visited my husband’s cousin, that I had to buy one for myself.

So look into a Bodum if you are tired of pouring left over coffee down the drain and wasting it. You will never have to again.

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